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Russian designer, participant in the Russian version of the world-famous television show Project RUNWAY in 2018

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Since 2013, Julia has been creating clothes and accessories from various kinds of garbage. Since 2013, designer art objects have been inserted in the best galleries in Moscow. Julia Che creates unusual clothes and accessories for filming in music videos, for television shows, and costume events.

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The designer's philosophy of giving new life to old things(refashion). You will find a new collection of masks called Mask mode. I created this collection from old unnecessary jewelry in the most uncertain and incomprehensible period on the planet.

The creation of masks took place from March to June 2020, in the first wave of coronavirus in Russia, with isolation.

There was a massive state of misunderstanding in the country, a general shock. Society plunged into silence and silence. In social networks there is a shortage of content.

To date, there is no self-isolation regime, but society continues to be in a quiet panic.

As an artist, as a person who sees the future, I understand that this is a very difficult time for humanity.

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People around the world need to think, all about their problems, and all about global problems. The world will no longer be the same. During the period of self-isolation, it was very difficult to find a professional model and rent a photo studio. Nurizhat and I did this shoot in my house, and I'm a model too.

Photo - Nurizhat Osmanova

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